Cyto Study Manager

Micronucleus data acquisition and reporting


The Cyto Study Manager has been designed using a modular approach with each different assay forming a separate module. This way, you can tailor the Cyto Study Manager to include only the modules you require within your organisation. Modules for microscopy and flow cytometry methodologies of the micronucleus assay are currently under development. Get in touch to find out more.

Data from micronucleus investigations (both in vivo and in vitro) can be categorised into user-defined classifications either manually or automatically. The Cyto Study Manager manages the entire slide preparation, coding and scoring process without the need for data transcription and translocation. With the microscopy method, the scorer selects a slide (either coded or uncoded) from the list of available slides within the study. The scorer then uses an electronic tally counter to put data directly into the Cyto Study Manager database. Alternatively, the system can be configured to accept data entered manually against a set of predefined classification bins.

Once the scoring is finished, the micronucleus Data Viewer screen allows the study director to access all data from the investigation.

Micronucleus data can be reported in tables formatted to match your existing results reports. The Cyto Study Manager can generate brief summary reports, or longer, more comprehensive reports featuring extensive tables of experimental details, sample setup, observations and results.

Twice the data, half the work

If you are doing combination studies (such as comet assay and micronucleus test), the Cyto Study Manager can help you with the work load! For example, you would design one study layout, and only have to enter your treatment groups and sample information once, but have two separate assays conducted on the same hosts. The Cyto Study Manager can treat this as one study, or several studies should you wish, and can generate appropriate reports for your application.

The Cyto Study Manager has been specifically designed for the exact requirements of GeneTox assays; it makes study management, data acquisition and report generation for micronucleus test investigations easy and integrated!